How to Break into the Transportation Industry with No Experience

How to break into the Transportation Industry with no experience?

So you’ve decided to pursue a career in the transportation industry. Great! There are a fair few transportation jobs to be had. You start looking around the internet and find some potential jobs, but they all seem to require previous experience. It’s quite a catch 22. You often need experience to break into the industry sector of your choosing, but you can’t gain experience until you break into the industry.

This problem is certainly not exclusive to the transportation industry. This is actually very common for people seeking jobs in new industries, and internships, paid or unpaid, are not all that common in the transportation industry. However, the different sectors of the transportation industry offer their own unique solutions.

The trucking industry is fairly easy to get into if you’re willing to accept a schedule that isn’t quite ideal. If you already have your CDL, there are plenty of companies happy to hire drivers with no experience. Many of these companies offer mentoring programs to help new drivers settle into their new careers and be successful, and some will even partially or fully fund CDL training school. With a few years’ worth of seniority and a great safety record, you could be well on your way to your dream truck driving job.

Aviation jobs vary widely, from air traffic controllers to support staff and mechanics to pilot jobs. Some require little to no experience and as is most always the case, there are companies out there willing to train and even help new hires obtain the necessary certifications. However, making yourself stand out from the crowd of new and inexperienced pilots will be necessary. Check out Jet Blue’s training program if you’re looking for on-the-job training as a commercial airline pilot and lack the experience necessary for most aviation jobs.

Rail jobs pay well and are highly sought after. Many rail companies have their own training programs, though certifications can be earned through other avenues. The key to obtaining a successful career in the railway industry is to study hard and earn exceptional marks on your certification exams. Show potential employers that you know your stuff!

The general rules of job application absolutely apply, in addition to marking yourself as a safety conscious employee. A well-written résumé custom tailored for each job you apply for can improve your chances of getting an interview. Honing your interview skills and preparing for questions they may ask is important, as well. Learn as much as you’re able about the industry in which you’re applying, the laws which govern it, the company you’re applying with, and the position you desire to obtain, and don’t feel pressured to settle for a position that doesn’t truly suit you. Speak with recruiters at your certification program to get an idea of which companies are looking for employees new to the industry. It is absolutely plausible to make a career in the transportation industry sector of your choice. Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs that seem out of your reach.

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